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Jazz Guitarist and Composer “Shinya Arasuna”

Based in Brooklyn NY

”I can see some pictures in their borderless and ganre-less music. It makes me feel like traveling somewhere. After coming back to Earth I feel like listening to it again. Listening to their music, people get addicted to it! —DrillSpin: Tomoaki Sekiwa”

Heartwarming , emotional and rhythmic guitarist, Shinya Arasuna was born in Hiroshima, Japan.
As soon as he moved to Tokyo, he lead his own band at one of the most famous and historical jazz clubs in Japan named "MANHTTAN”.
He has performed at a number of world well-known music and arts festivals in Japan, Asagaya Jazz Streert, Montreux Jazz Festival Japan, Tokyo Designers Week, Yasujiro Ozu Memorial Tateshinakogen Film Festival, Niigata Jazz Street, Sumida Jazz Festival.

Also, he recorded a number of relaxation music. Some of them were released by Warnar Music Japan which is one of the biggest major record companies in Japan. One of those records, which is called Hawai Ysuragi Cafe, got a number one downloaded prize on iTunes in 2012.

He interested in contemporary jazz guitar, on the other hand he interested in Brazilian music.
He plays hollow body guitar, solid body guitar and also nylon strings guitar. His guitar sound is like a beautiful crystal sound. "Pickles", it’s filled with love, peace and their emotional stories.

In 2016, he moved to New York City. Since then, he has been known for one of the greatest guitarists in his generation. He has performed as a leader and side man at some of the world most reputable venues, PIANOS, Flatiron Room, Tomi Jazz, The Loab Boathouse, Basik, Rocky’s Sullivan, Bar Chord, The letlove in, Q’s Tavern, Kache.

He began playing the piano at the age of 4. He practiced to play classical music on the piano.

"My father bought me a guitar for my 12th birthday!" — Shinya said.
Since then he has played the electric guitar everyday.

He played the guitar with his rock band and also composed some music. When he was a high school student, he heard Wes Montgomery's Incredible Jazz Guitar. He was really inspired by his music. He started playing Jazz Guitar immediately. He began his professional career when he was a University student. He stared playing at a number of jazz venues in Hiroshima.

He studied law at Shudo university in Hiroshima. However, he practiced jazz guitar everyday. After he graduated from the university, He moved to Tokyo to play jazz.
He played with many great musicians in Tokyo until 2016. And also he had his own band named "Unlimited Voyage".